Our aspiration

To provide our customers with the highest level of services based on over 15 years of relevant experience. We add value by recommending the most qualified available interim managers. We are successful, only when our experts are successful - a very simple equation.

Interim managers are professionals, who have deliberately chosen to be temporary executives.

In addition to his or her project experience, personal integrity plays a key role, in the selection process of the appropriate interim expert for a particular customer task. Our success in this market is directly tied to the high demands we have of our interim managers. This is why only managers are recommended who have a proven track-record and strong leadership skills.

What are the distinguishing features of our interim managers?

#Immediate availability

Within a very short time period your temporary vacancy or management gap can be filled or your project can be adequately staffed or managed. After a personal interview, our interim managers are usually immediately available.

#In-depth management experience

They have the required competence and knowledge and do not require time consuming induction phases. In addition your company benefits from our managers in-depth experience, gained during his or her long-standing career, where he or she has successfully taken on similar tasks.

#Commitment and Objectivity

Unaffected by the company´s past history, they offer a fresh look and approach. Their job is to solve issues and add value. This is what they are paid to do. They do not wish to pursue corporate careers.


In contrast to consultants, interim managers take operational responsibility in the companies they work for and get evaluated by the results they achieve. And that in line with the parameters they are given.