Enhancing your business capabilities:

#Post-Merger Management

The integration of two durable goods companies needs to be supported by a professional external moderator. An experienced interim manager leads this post merger process successfully over a period of one year.

#Development of a new business unit

An experienced after-sales interim manager sets up a central after-sales unit as a profit centre for an industrial holding company. The newly established unit is being operated within new administrative structures. The efforts of the hitherto independently operating 17 after-sales units in the subsidiaries are now being coordinated and centrally led.

#Cost reduction programme project management

A company in the automation and conveyor technology industry has to adjust its cost structure in the manufacturing sector. Staff reductions are inevitable. An interim manager is brought in with the responsibility to lead the works council negotiations and to implement the necessary staff reductions. Duration of contract: Seven months


In order enter the American market, an internationally experienced interim manager was appointed with the task to initially conduct a market entry analysis. Later she supervises the implementation of her recommendation at an operational level and takes responsibility for the results achieved.