Bridging of temporary vacancies in these areas:

#Senior General Management

An experienced interim managing director assumes responsibility for the operation of the French subsidiary of a German conglomerate. His predecessor had lost confidence due to dissatisfactory reporting.

#Finance / Controlling

Our Interim Manager takes control of the finance and controlling department of an Austrian automotive supplier only ten days after being contacted by us for the assignment. He takes on the responsibility for the on time-submission of the monthly financial reports and finalises the switch to US-GAAP regulations for the American owners. His predecessor was unable to meet business and headquarter deadlines.

#Technical management / Production

A temporary plant manager in the packaging industry is contracted to relocate the tube fillers of a well-known manufaturer to Thailand and Brazil. For this task there were was no experience available within the company. After successfully completing the relocation process after 10 months, the interim manager leaves the company as agreed.

#Logistics / Supply Chain

An interim supply chain manager designs and implements a modern supply chain at a national production facility of a German fuel element manufacturer. This results in an error-free production process and thus the ability to meet delivery dates on time. During his temporary stay a permanent new manager was hired, to whom the responsibilities were handed over.

#Research & Development

An electronics manufacturer’s present head of the research and development department has resigned with immediate effect. Until a new head of the department can be recruited, an interim manager assumes leadership and heads up the 40 people unit for a period of six months.


An interim sales manager heads up the sales unit of an electronics manufacturer. During her time she designs new remuneration systems which are successfully implemented. This six month vacancy occurred due to the sudden illness of the permanent job holder.

#Human Resources

An experienced interim personnel manager, implements nessesary staff reductions for in the German subsidiary of an American technology group. The subsidiary`s permanent personnel manager is thus enabled to concentrate fully on the company's human resource day-to-day management.

#Information Technology

An experienced interim CIO initiates the migration project to SAP in a medium-sized electrical company. The incumbent CIO was unable to take responsibility for the project due to lack of migration experience. As the task was project oriented, an additional hiring on a permanent basis was not deemed to be necessary.