Successfully transferring know-how:

#Crisis management

Due to the sustained losses of a German subsidiary under British ownership, an interim manager with expertise in the tooling industry is deployed. He immediately takes over the company’s management, analyses the situation including the supply-chain processes and takes appropriate measures to overcome the crisis.

#Restructuring / Reorganizing

A well known German consultancy has formulated a restructuring plan for a building material supplier. A restructuring specialist with long standing industry expertise implements the approved plan and takes full responsibility for the timely execution of the measures in the areas of production, supply-chain and sales.

#Process optimisation / Production

A packaging manufacturer’s production error rate is too high and unacceptable. An interim manager is hired with the clear task of taking appropriate measures to solve this problem successfully. Task: Zero Error Rate after 4 months. Job done.

#Revenue increases

An experienced interim sales division director significantly contributes to an increase in revenue at a company in the electrical sector. He does so by using his excellent personal key account contacts in the industry.

#The outsourcing of a business

The IT area of a German tour operator is to be out-sourced to an external service supplier. Due to the fact, that the permanent CIO is not familiar with outsourcing processes, this task is handed over to an experienced temporary IT interim manager.