The remuneration of interim managers is usually based on daily rates. Looking at these costs in isolation, they initially seem high compared to permanent managers.

When calculating, however, you should take into account that the following costs are completely eliminated when using an interim manager:

  • social security contributions
  • Pension Expenses
  • severance payments
  • continued pay in case of illness
  • holiday pay

If you put these facts in relation to the value an interim manger provides, and also the flexibility with regard to the duration of an interim management assignment, a more differentiated cost-benefit-picture becomes apparent very quickly.  

Unlike other providers, Interim Partner GmbH is in the position of a classic consultant and offers complete market transparency. We generate our income from the on-top margin of the interim manager and the customer's self-negotiated daily rate, which is disclosed, both to you as the client and the interim manager.

We do not buy and sell interim services on. Thus hidden margins - which ultimately have a market distorting effect - are excluded in this model.