Our Claim

The fulfillment of our service results from more than 15 years of experience in advising companies on the use of interim managers. Working as an interim manager is the alternative to a permanent position in companies for many of the managers we recruit.

Interim managers are professionals who have deliberately chosen to be temporary executives.

For us, the selection of an interim manager, apart from his project experience, is primarily about the personal integrity of the individual. For this reason, we only use experienced and high-performance personalities from the first and second management levels as well as proven experts.

What sets our interim managers apart?

#Quick Availability

The vacant position can already be filled within a very short time, the project will be conducted. As a rule, the interim manager is immediately available to you after personal presentation in order to fulfill the task. And that exactly for the time needed.

#Experience in managing projects and processes

As a result, the required specialist and management skills are immediately available to the companies without lengthy training phases. In their long-term career, interim managers have demonstrably successfully solved comparable tasks as they currently have.

#Engagement and Objectivity

Unburdened by the company's history, they provide fresh solutions in management processes through their "outside view" and are free from the desire to make a career in their company. They define themselves by solving the challenges posed.

#Operative Responsibility

In contrast to traditional consultants, interim managers in the companies immediately assume operational responsibility and can be measured by their results.